My name is Karma Sonam Gyalpo, this is the name that my root guru the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje gave to me when i took refuge with him in Bodhgaya in 2012. My name in my passport is Rager Ossel and i come originally from the Netherlands. I decided to give up my regular life in my country in 2012 and i lived since then in my apartment right next to Gyuto monastery, which is the temporary residence of my root guru when he is in India. I have dedicated my live to serve my guru in any way i can, if my help is needed and/or requested directly i will be at service to him in anyway i can, in the meantime i try to benefit others and also focus on my own dharma practice and meditation , also i try to learn more about buddhism so i can become a better person and i can benefit others in a better way. I have been thinking of becoming a monk i the past, but feel i am not ready to do that for now, but instead i want to dedicate my life in becoming a better person so i can benefit others as much as i can. Beside living in my apartment i try to do multiple small retreats or do my regular daily practice in my own apartment and in other monasteries. In the past a few people have sponsored me so that i am able to finance my stay in India, if you are able to help me with a donation so i can stay in India and also in Nepal then that would be great, the money will be going to my daily expenses and to my rent of my apartment ,but also to travels to Nepal and to monasteries where i will stay in their guesthouses. I have a 5 year tourist Visa for India, but sadly with a maximum stay of 3 month(90 days), this means i have to leave India 4 times a year, and Nepal is the cheapest solution, i try to stay as much as i can in Kagyu monastery guesthouses when i am in Nepal. If people have any questions feel free to contact me so i can try to answer your questions.
you can send donations yourself through :

  • Through the donation page and other pages on this website: karmasonamgyalpo.com . Here you can pay with debit card and creditcard from Mastercard, VISA and American express, also with IDEAL(Netherlands direct bank transfer),Bancontact(Belgium direct bank transfer, Giropay(German direct bank transfer),EPS(Austrian direct bank payment) and Przelewy24(Polish direct bank transfer).
  • Western Union : please use receiving country India and the receiving name : Rager Ossel (this is the name in my passport).
    • You can send money on my passport name Rager Ossel, and i will pick it up at the nearest western union office, please contact me before doing the transfer if you have any question
    • You can send online through western union website with option to send in name to me or directly to my Indian bank account(bank info you can find in this message
  • WeChat : please send a friend request to : karmasonamgyalpo , after friend request is accepted you can send your donation to this wechat account, i can cash the money without problem as i have been receiving payments in the past before, this option is only for people with a working Wechat wallet.
  • Paypal : My paypal id is :rager@karmasonamgyalpo.com you can donate online :
  • Paytm(indian version of Paypal) : 9882594797
  • Bank transfer to my Indian bank account :
    • Name bank : SBI bank
    • Bank location : Sidhbari
    • Branch code : 50441 (this code is not always needed for international transfer)
    • Name account holder : Rager Ossel
    • Account number : 37587559115
    • BIC code/ SWIFT code : SBININBB277
    • RTGS / IFSC code : SBIN0050441
    • MICR code : 176002061
    • Bank address:
      • PO Sidhbari
      • Tehsil Dharamsala
      • 176057 Distt-Kangra; HP INDIA

With respect and compassion,
Karma Sonam Gyalpo ( Rager Ossel Jr)